April 19, 2021: Custom Formulas & More Products being Added Soon!

I will be adding my 3 custom made formulas which I have been making for the past 6 years. I will also be adding a lot more products on my website very soon with in the week. I am also getting ready to start a store in Victoria, BC, Canada. I will be continuing to selling products online too. Doing both will help this business in the future.

April 18, 2021: Why To Buy Off Me And Not The Competitors?

I am going to make this short and simple. Buy off me because I offer premium quality products with 4 certification stamps that shows it premium. Now the competitors are going to charge you about $90 to $100 for a 5lb bucket of whey protein. Where I will offer one for $60 here in Canada. I also do international shipping so if your in another country I can get my products to you too.

My proof? Either google the info on products from your store that you buy from or go in there in person and look/ ask around on pricing. For premium quality they will not be cheap.

Now I do not sell value brand products. I only sell premium. I will sell you a 5lb bucket of whey protein for $60 in Canadian. And cheaper in the USA. My goal was to offer premium quality products at a value size price. So people are not getting ripped off. So do some researching on the store you go to already.

April 17, 2021: Registration, International Shipping, and About Jeremy Shew

Registrations for this website are now open. Took me a while to get it going but its working now. So now I believe people can purchase after they register on this site. Simply put your mouse on the “My Account” tab on the menu just above this post and it will make a drop list of 3 options: 1) Register, 2) Log in, 3) Log out.

*Overall Supplements has now started International Shipping across every continent. North America, South America, United Kingdoms, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are now available. If you want to see my products please click on “Products” on the menu just above this post. Or just click this link https://overall-supplements.store/overall-supplements-separate-products/

Jeremy Shew – The Hero of Overall Supplements: Jeremy is the number one supporter for this company and website. I want to thank him a hugely. With out him there would be no website or company. Thank you Jeremy for all your support.

April 16, 2021: Supplements Available To Purchase Now

I have finished integrating with my manufacture and people are now able to buy supplement products from me.

*Please check out this link to buy supplements from my online store. https://overall-supplements.store/overall-supplements-separate-products/

*Please note that I do not sell value brand products. I only sell premium brand products at value brand pricing. Below is a image of my stamps of approval for work out and health supplements.

Stamps Of Approval

April 15, 2021: New Facebook Page

I will be deleting the current Facebook page in 14 days from now and will be constructing a new one based that the fact I had to re create my website.

April 14, 2021: New Web Site

Welcome to the new website. All the old news was copy and pasted on to this website.

This website is error free.

April 12, 2021: Just About There

We are so very close to opening this week.

April 7, 2021: Opening!

This website is officially opening in 7 days and supplements will be available to purchase then. My products have been approved by the Regulatory Review Board. Now I am just waiting for integration between ShipStation and my manufacture to better serve customers and to get your supplements right away.

Again I do not sell Value Brand products. I only sell Premium Brand products at Value Brand price.

April 5, 2021: Products and Affiliation

The first 5 products were added today but not available to purchase as I am waiting on the Regulatory Review Board before its available for purchase. Click this link to view my supplements https://overall-supplements.com/overall-supplements-separate-products/

Affiliation is almost completed!

April 4, 2021: Website finishing & Affiliation Program Set Up In Progress

This website is almost finished and is almost ready to start selling work out supplements and health supplements.

Affiliation program is almost set up and completed.

The first 5 supplements will be added tomorrow and will be available to purchase on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how long it is going to set up to start selling them.

April 1, 2021: Adding shopping cart page today & old news

Shopping cart for this website is currently being made today.

All old news on this website has been relocated into the News Archive which is https://overall-supplements.com/march-2021/

Stamps Of Approval

Overall Supplements
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